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Ego separation and Active meditation

There is a power play/Struggle/battle for control of your mind between your ego and your spirit that is as old as time. Mainly played out by egos constant need for specialness, elevated status and immortality, whilst your spirit sits and waits.

In today’s world the ego reigns supreme and the programming and conditioning of the collective ego is directly responsible for a whole catalogue of human suffering, dis-ease, emotional turmoil, pain, stress, fear, guilt and anger to name but a few.

Lucky for us the spirit patience is infinite. It can, has, and will, wait to millennia to meet you.

Put simply, it breaks down like this:

  • Your internal dialogue governs how are you create your reality.
  • The cycles per second that your brain beats/oscillates at governs how you experience/react to that reality.
  • Change your internal dialogue and you change the reality you create.
  • Change the cycles per second that your brain beats/oscillates you change how you experience/react to that reality.

There is basically one energy on this earth plane, albeit a wide spectrum within this one energy. Your own vibration governing which parts of that energy you attract an experience. The body‘s major influences are breath and meridians and the minds are internal dialogue and brain oscillation speed. Focus and intention overlap the two.

Your Energy field

Everything is vibration, frequency and energy.

The universe, the planets, our physical world/reality, our physical body are all made from the same stuff.

Physical vibration

The electro magnetic field that surrounds our body is generated from the movement of the molecules and atoms that we are made from. Separate components, the heart, the one point, the brain, the meridian system all contribute to your overall vibration.

Thoughts, feelings & emotions are also contained within this energy field. On a sub atomic level when  atoms change their state they absorb or emit an electro magnetic frequency. Different  states of thoughts, feelings, emotions and perception result in different electro magnetic frequencies.

Brain waves

The cycles per second that your brain cell oscillate at create a vibration. When you slow the cycle per seconds down, you change how you experience reality, the speed it comes to you and your capacity of understanding of it.

Internal dialogue

Internal dialogue creates a vibration through the opinions and emotions you create and experience.

Internal dialogue also takes on the role of a filter, as in, it taints events to make them congruent with your prominent emotion.

All of these components contribute to make up your overall psychical vibration.

The reality you experience is literally drawn to you from a innumerable amount of possibilities defined solely by your overall vibration and internal dialogue.

All the components are important. However, internal dialogue and synchronicity of mind are king. The rest follow suit and fall into sync.

You can have a physical body in tip top condition, but if the mind is plagued with negative thought patterns/habits, the body falls into dis-ease. The same is not true in reverse.

No bullshit

I believe self development/empowerment should be user-friendly and effective, easy to understand and apply to your life directly, So you get to see results every step of the way. There is no hocus-pocus here,  just lifetools, that work.



If you are a healer or want to be a healer you must understand that all healing is self healing, all you can do as a healer is to act as a facilitator to raise the vibration to create an optimal flow in the clients energy field to allow the self healing to take place. Or rather find their healing vibration and accelerate it. Shingon Mikkyo 100% gives you the tools to be able to do that, ego separation creates a clarity of mind that allows a powerful sharp and concise focus, and that in turn allows a specific energy vibration to flow unimpeded (without passing through the intellect part of your personality) through your energy field. It is pretty simple really, self first.

What is your ego?

The ego personality is the sum total of all your thoughts, feelings and emotions up to the present moment in time. When you, or your ego invests emotions into a thought/idea, you create opinion.

The more emotional energy you invest into that thought/idea the more solid the opinion becomes. It’s quite brilliant, your opinions literally have atomic weight. It is in this way our current worldview is created.


The brain

Your brain is an electro-chemical organ and its cells has their own oscillation/beat, this changes depending on activity.

This vibration is measured in cycles per second.

The four main categories in the spectrum are:

  • Beta 15-22+ CPS, preoccupied, engaged, arousal.
  • Alpha 7-14 CPS, relaxed, rest, non–arousal.
  • Theta 4-6 CPS, sleeping, dream state, trance state.
  • Delta 0-3 CPS,  Dreamless sleep, rejuvenation.During the sleep pattern for example it is natural to descend through the spectrum before sleep and ascend before waking

What is Active meditation?

Active meditation is being in an altered mind state, for example alpha whilst operating in beta consciousness. For us at, meditation is not being in that blissed out state between normal waking consciousness and sleep.

It is being relaxed, naturally alert, consolidated, fully aware of our senses whilst operating in normal waking consciousness, creating a life tool that you can use in daily life 24 hours a day.

It is a state of non-judgment and unconditional love.


Who am I?

You are not your emotions, your feelings, your opinions, you are not even your physical body.

You are a spark of divine energy inside a physical body. That divine spark of consciousness has come to this earth plane to experience itself in the physical dimension manifest in the physical body, that you! That spark of energy, call it what you will, the God force, Christ consciousness, the Spirit, the Soul, it matters not. This is where your true self resides.

You cannot have an opinion without an emotion. You cannot have an emotion without a thought.

All negative emotions are nothing more then experiencing a contradiction to your ego’s opinion.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, the hilarious to the absolutely heartbreaking, this statement remains true.


What is ego separation?

Ego separation is a strange concept for most people. For the sake of clarity ego separation in the context we use it, it’s not a total separation. Your ego personality is an important part of self and as with money it makes “ A good servant but a bad master.” Without it, conversation would be a tad dull.

The separation is between your ego and your spirit [true self]. It is akin to having a loving relationship with your partner but having separate bedrooms. It is not a divorce, although your ego may will scream and stamp it’s pretty little feet on the way as you alter the balance of influence in your mind.

The separation is an internal process, by being aware of your internal dialogue mentally turning inward to create a sacred space to nurture your spirit.

The egos world is mainly dominated by beta consciousness 15-22 CPS. It is a world of instant gratification, convenience, power, status, self importance and jealousy, not to mention stress, anger and emotional turmoil.

Many believe the vibration of beta acts as an inhibitor to the spirit, meaning the spirit struggles to influence the mind when it is in this preoccupied/engage state. By slowing down the cycles per second that your brain beats at, you allow your spirit [true self] a deeper influence on your mind/life.

By moving away from the egos vibration, you are naturally moving away from the associated ailments

Online Course

The concept of ego separation and active meditation is my own, developed & fine-tuned over many years of research and integration, teaching and understanding what works and throwing out the crap, so you don’t have to.

This one year study program breaks down into 12 monthly step by step teachings about how your mind functions and the ego separation mindset. This allows time for each step to be integrated into your life. We provide video clip instruction and audio, released in the members area.

The energy exercises, meditations and instructions that accompany each release make up the active meditation side of the course, these are accumulative, meaning that what you learn in the first lesson, you keep practicing and add what you learn in the second lesson, and so on and so forth, until you have a complete set of life tools, with the understanding of how to use them.

Practiced together they are a powerful, life-changing combination. I will not lie to you, it requires effort  and a little discipline, anything of value does.

If you want to change your life, move away from fear, anger and stress, improve your relationships, then this course is for you. It is a game changer. You will see changes in your life every step of the way.

We also provide a full years online support and advice through the discussion boards in our members area.

It won’t always be cozy and nice, at times you may hate me or maybe just think “really!!??“ Yes really, you won’t always see the point in an exercise, you don’t need to. At this stage of the game I understand your mind better than you do. I want that to change.

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①  Fundamentals

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④  Understanding Opinion


⑤  Understanding Ego

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⑦  Synchronicity of Mind

⑧  Understanding Vibration


⑨  Acceptance of self

⑩  Non Judgement

⑪  Self Consolidation

⑫  The sound of Silence

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