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Our online course costs 6000 krone for a full years access to the teaching material and on going online support. That’s 125 krone a week. That’s under 18 krone a day.

We believe that self empowerment should be available to all. Raising awareness and vibration is fundamental principle of what we practice. We run an energy exchange program for people who genuinely can not afford the course but wish to work on themselves and improve the quality of their life. This includes keeping and submitting a detailed journal of integration and application of the course material and being available to help as a volunteer at two of our 3 day events throughout the year. Obviously, if your walking around in 2000 kronors sneakers or spending more than 300 kronor a week on luxuries; sweets, tobacco products, alcohol, fizzy drinks or entertainment then you would not qualify. 

This is not an easy option for cheapskates, it is a harder course. Journals must be submitted weekly, you will not be chased to hand in your assignments on time, excuses are not accepted. If you fail to submit your journal on time you are simply deleted from the course, no questions, no second chances. It is an energy exchange program, if you do not hold up your end of the exchange the course is terminated