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By Butler P.A., Krautler B.

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Uniquely in RNR-Ll, with relation to other B12 -dependent enzymes, a protein-centered thiyl-radical is generated (at cysteine-408) from the homolysis of the Co – C bond of the bound coenzyme, and this induces the radical reaction that formally leads to the reductive substitution by hydrogen of the 2 -hydroxyl group of the ribonucleotide. Homolytic cleavage of the Co – C bond is known to be accelerated by about 1011 -fold in RNR [237]. The crystal structures of both dGTP-free AdoCbl-dependent RNR-Ll in the apoform, and complexed with Coβ -adeninylpentyl-cobalamin (53), have been solved [236].

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