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Pc O C eA/ (1-26) which acts on a multi-component ‘spinor wavefunction’. 90 4 and 14 mean the 4 4 zero- and unit-matrices. E. Schwarz To show the principle, we assume a two-dimensional space for simplicity (instead of the real three-dimensional one). In this case, just three matrices ’01 , ’02 , “0 are sufficient, and they only need to be 2 2 to obey the required relations; they act on two-component spinor wavefunctions. This can easily be verified by the reader. The matrices are known as the Pauli spin-matrices ¢i , and 12 is the 2 2 unit matrix: ˛10 Â D x D Ã 0 1 ; 1 0 ˛20 Â D y D Ã 0 i ; i 0 Â 0 ˇ D z D 1 0 0 1 Ã (1-27) Of course, any unitarily transformed set of these Pauli matrices can also be used.

3). 27 Figure 1-18. r/, over a logarithmic r-scale. - - - - - relativistic, —— non-relativistic (After Schwarz et al. [130]) The relativistic numerical atomic scf calculations of Desclaux [39] have shown that the fractional relativistic orbital energy stabilizations of ns1=2 and np1=2 increase with increasing n and are particularly large in the lowest row of the periodic system of elements with the largest valence principal quantum numbers. The fractional relativistic ns1=2 and np1=2 orbital radius contractions, however, still behave nearly hydrogen-like, being largest for 2sp.

The Lorentz transformation for c ! 1, corresponds to a reasonable approximation of mechanics at ‘ordinary’ velocities, and to electrostatics, magnetostatics and to weak and slowly varying currents and fields, but without induction or Lorentz force. In order to combine incompatible Galilee-invariant mechanics and Lorentz-invariant electrodynamics, Lorentz and others developed the so-called Lorentz-transformation at the end of the nineteenth century. Einstein then reformulated mechanics in 1905 to obtain a comprehensive and consistent picture of electrodynamics and mechanics.

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