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By Michael A. Cohen

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"In his presidential inaugural handle of January 1965, Lyndon Johnson provided an uplifting imaginative and prescient for the US, person who might finish poverty and racial injustice. Elected in a landslide over the conservative Republican Barry Goldwater and strengthened through the so-called liberal consensus, financial prosperity, and a powerful wave of nostalgia for his martyred predecessor, John Kennedy, Johnson introduced the main ambitious Read more...


an exhilarating account of the 1968 presidential election and its impression at the subsequent 4 a long time of yank politics Read more...

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At Howard, Johnson offered a corrective to those who saw the passage of civil rights legislation as the end of the black struggle in America. Rather, it represented the end of the beginning. ” It was not enough “to open the gates of opportunity. ”7 Johnson was now staking the future of his Great Society, his presidency, and his party on improving the lives of black Americans. While a noble and “ A L o t t a P e o p l e . . A i n ’ t G o n n a P u t U p w i t h I t M u c h L o n g e r ” ■ 1 9 long overdue undertaking, it also represented a risky political shift.

We have nothing against them or ever to do them any harm. ” Many white Americans took for granted the idea that more blacks in their community meant increases in crime and the introduction of social pathologies, such as drug and alcohol abuse and out-of-wedlock births. 23 Millions of whites believed that an influx of blacks threatened not just their communities, but their homes—and their self-identification as members of the middle class. A neighborhood transformed most animated white fears. Gallup regularly asked whites how they would feel about “great numbers” of “colored people” moving into their neighborhood.

American Maelstrom does not provide a traditional retelling or comprehensive recounting of the 1968 election. Readers will notice that some of the year’s Introduction ■ 7 key political events go unmentioned, including some that may seem directly relevant. To cover everything would mean a book double the size of the one you hold in your hands, but it would also mean focusing on elements of the campaign that tell us little about the politics of today. Rather, American Maelstrom considers the election from the perspective of what happened then, but also what happened after.

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