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Beach and S. htm. In lines 471-473 he explains how the Elements counter each other within the body: “For if it were completely consumed by fire, the cold element would be destroyed, and if it were completely chilled, the hot element would be destroyed. And thus, if you were to completely dry the body, you would thoroughly destroy the wet element, and if you were to make it completely wet, you would destroy the dry element. So that this is the opposite of what they say, and one of the elements is always removed and is added.

Mercury Marjoram, caraway, fennel, carrots, dill, fennel, pomegranate, self heal, parsley, lavender, lily of the valley, marjoram, parsnips, hazelnut, horehound and mandrake. Cereals. Moon Plants similar in shape and/or colour to the Moon: cucumber, white rose, banana, gourds, mango, melons, pumpkin, sweet flag and water lilies. Plants in or near water: seaweed, watercress, willow and wintergreen. Also: turnip, lettuce and willow. 37 Appendix Four Table Showing Parts of the Body and Star Sign Correspondences 38 Area of Body Astrological Sign Head and face Aries Neck and throat Taurus Shoulders, arms and nerves Gemini Breast, lungs and stomach Cancer Heart, back and spine Leo Stomach and intestines Virgo Kidneys Libra Reproductive organs Scorpio Thighs and hips Sagittarius Bones, joints and knees Capricorn Circulation, lower legs and ankles Aquarius Feet and immune system Pisces Appendix Five Star Signs and Herbs Although not in evidence in Culpeper’s writings, it has been mooted by some authors that star signs and herbs may be linked [23] and this idea is presented here as an aside to the chapter.

Moreover, it must have seemed natural to extend this to zodiacal correspondences once herbal properties are compared to the qualities of the various star signs and their planetary rulers. It can be seen to make perfect sense, for example, to attribute most plants of Mars to Aries and plants of the Moon that grow in water to Pisces. Table Showing Star Signs and Associated Plants Star Sign Associated Plant Aries Most plants ruled by Mars including: betony, lichen and rosemary. Also: bramble. Taurus Rules most plants governed by Venus and the Earth: mushrooms and root vegetables (potatoes, carrots and turnips).

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