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As: the'surlace, and another P which is parallel to the surface and repreeenta the force urging the weight down along the Ilope. The foree of friction between the weight aDd the inclined plane is equal to the product IeP, where k is the coefficient of (riction. If the (riction ia less than P the weight will mide with increll8ing speed down the incline, while if it is grelter thsn P the weight will remain at rest. It will be noticed that P ia made smaller by increasing the mope o( the incline, and Bince Ie remains constant, the force of (riction i9 leBS the greater the Ilope, and is JeTO when the slope is vertical.

Ic. ,. potential. Sound, both kinetic and potentiaJ.. laction. Electric and magnetio phenomena. Light and radiation. When the energies involved in all these varied phenomena are studied it is found that one form of eucrgy may be tr&llsformed into another, and that again into a third, but in every change the amount of the energy 88 me88ured by its power of doing work or of developing heat is unchanged. 72. l forms, in sound, heat, light, electric, or magnetic effects, or in chemical action or molecular or atomic changes.

In case -of a loaded wagon on a hillside the vertical line through its center of gravity may remain between the wheels if the center of gravity is low, when if it were high the line of action of the weight might fall outside the wheel base causing the load to overturn. 63. lance rests on while a sharp "knife edge the steel pan6 ~_ are hung on the knife edges Band ~ W C. These three knife edges are rigidly fixed in the beam and should p be parallel, and in the same plane, and the arm AC should he equal FIG.

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