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By O.L. Kryzhanovskii, etc.

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This reassessment of the Carabidae after Jacobson's (1905-1916) paintings lists over 3000 said species and 2 hundred genera of this huge beetle family members populating the previous USSR. Distibutional facts between 26 basic physiographic areas and a a number of of subregions is additionally given.

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Pro dufouri BARTHE 1922] = nigricatus (Carabus) CSIKI 1927 [nom. pro anthracinus BARTHE 1921] = rutilipes (Carabus) CSIKI 1927 [nom. pro erythropus BARTHE 1921] = clementi (Carabus) SIRGUEY 1931 = rivalieri (Carabus) BOURGIN 1948 = concyri (Carabus) MACHARD 1973 = plonnieri (Carabus) MACHARD 1973 = isignyensis (Carabus) MACHARD 1977 cancellatus (Carabus) ILLIGER 1798 ABCDEF-----LM------TU----- Ubc = cupreoaeneus (Carabus) DALLA TORRE 1877 = rufofemoratus (Carabus) LETZNER 1849 = haematomerus (Carabus) KRAATZ 1879 = rufipes (Carabus) KRAATZ 1879 = femoralis (Carabus) GÉHIN 1885 f.

Ssp. ) CSIKI 1927 [nom. pro detritus LAPOUGE 1908] ssp. ) BORN 1902 A------------------------? ) KENYERY 1983 ssp. ) MOTSCHULSKY 1850 ssp. ) DEUVE 1993152 -------------------T------ Tdg: Altais: Aktash ssp. ) LAPOUGE 1908 ssp. ) FAIRMAIRE 1888 ssp. , southern part altuvensis (Carabus) SHILENKOV in litt. -------------------T-----stscheglowi (Carabus) MANNERHEIM 1827 --C----------------------= zakharschewskii (Carabus) MOTSCHULSKY 1845 billbergi (Carabus) MANNERHEIM 1827 ---------------------V--Y- Vabe ssp.

M. V. G. Shilenkov 69 70 71 reichi (Nebria) DEJEAN 1826 fuscipes (Nebria) FUSS 1850 = fussi (Nebria) BIELZ 1850 reitteri (Nebria) RYBINSKY 1902 A------------------------- Aa A------------------------- Aa A------------------------- Supertribe NOTIOPHILITAE Tribe NOTIOPHILINI Genus Notiophilus DUMERIL 1806 Type species: Cicindela aquatica LINNAEUS 1758 Subgenus Notiophilus DUMERIL 1806 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Type species: Cicindela aquatica LINNAEUS 1758 ( aquaticus (Notiophilus) LINNAEUS 1758) ABCDE-G---KLMNO--R-TUV-XYZ = hardyi (Notiophilus) PUTZEYS 1866 = punctatus (Notiophilus) LECONTE 1850 = semenovi (Notiophilus) TSCHITSCHÉRINE 1903 = dauricus (Notiophilus) MOTSCHULSKY 1859 ab.

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A checklist of the ground-beetles of Russia and ajancent lands (Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae) by O.L. Kryzhanovskii, etc.

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