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File menu Like all of the other environments, this main window has a Load/Save option (explained in Chapter 1). However, in this window the function is slightly different, since the file created contains all of the parameter selections from ALL of the environments. In other words, File Load/ Save here has a global effect. Warning: After installing a new software release, do not load any parameters from files saved with earlier releases. Status pane If an arrow appears after the time in the “Status” pane, you can view more information by double-clicking on the status.

As a result the new name shows up in the list box (unless it already exists). The "Change" and "Del" (Delete) buttons allow you to make any changes needed to the list of names. 0311401 2-9 2 2 408UL Install Installing PRM software Installing PRM software In this section: • Overview (page 2-10) • Installing PRM on the HCI workstation (page 2-11) • Installing PRM on a remote station (page 2-12) Overview PRM software controls the formatting of the data to a tape drive, a plotter and SQC-Pro. You can install PRM software on the HCI or a separate station.

NOTE: Enter a name for each plotter in the associated “Name” text box. The name will appear in the Plotter main window to identify each plotter. ) NOTE: If you select the “Connected with LSI” option: - the indicator LED on FDUs, otherwise used as a test result indicator, is used to tell the shooter whether he is allowed to connect/disconnect an LSI between two links. - you cannot launch a new shot until retrieval of the previous one is complete, whatever the field equipment and the shooting method used.

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