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By Arutyunov A.V., Jacimovic V.

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Das Nachschlagewerk f? r Studium und Beruf stellt wichtige Zusammenh? nge und Formeln der Mathematik, Physik, Chemie sowie die Grundlagen der Technik dar. Ebenfalls ber? cksichtigt werden die Gebiete der Optoelektronik, Nachrichtentechnik und Informatik. H? ufig gebrauchte Stoffwerte, Konstanten und Umrechnungen von Einheiten sowie die Eigenschaften der chemischen Elemente sind f?

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By means of the distinctive research of the fashionable improvement of the mechanics of deformable media are available the deep inner contradiction. From the only hand it's declared that the deformation and fracture are the hierarchical methods that are associated and unite a number of structural and scale degrees. From the opposite hand the sequential research of the hierarchy of the deformation and destruction isn't really performed.

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Fermat himself obtained the required result in a far more elaborate way. It is natural to ask: Why did Fermat not use his algorithm? The answer is very simple: Fermat could apply his method to polynomials-and here he actually antic­ ipated the notion of a derivative-but he did not know how to apply it to radical expressions. That is why the deduction of Snel's law using derivatives was first accomplished by Leibniz, who introduced this concept in the very same work of 1 684 in which he laid the foundations of the grandiose edifice of mathematical analysis.

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