Ego Separation & Active Meditation.
Foundation part one. Online.

The first part of our Foundation Course is the only part that is available online.

It is for everyone from absolute beginners to experienced meditators, healers, anyone working with vibration/energy therapies or just merry little scamps looking to expand their awareness.

This course breaks down into 12 monthly released teachings about how your mind functions and the ego separation mindset.

The energy exercises, meditations & instructions that the accompany each release make up the active meditation side of the course, these are accumulative, meaning that what you learn in the first lesson, you keep practicing and add what you learn in the second lesson, and so on and so forth, until you have a complete set of life tools with the understanding of how to use them. Our tapping system is based upon the meridian system, has its roots in high level Qi-gong and designed to create an optimum flow of energy in your physical body. Tapping has been brought to mainstream awareness of late through the extremely effective use of E.F.T (emotional freedom technique) to treat many states of mind from depression to P.T.S.D.

Physical tapping and massage is ancient, it has been part of health and well being for centuries in the east, in various forms of acupressure and acupuncture.

There is teaching/discussion board for the questions, answers and on-going support in the members area. These are split into 3 different sections  with a separate discussion board for each section.

Ego Separation & Active Meditation.
Foundation part two.

In this two day intensive, we spend the weekend in mid-low alpha, utilizing the accelerated learning aspect of this brain state. This workshop is an intensive version of the online course. The information and insights coming thick and fast. Here we work on raising your vibration through meditation, understanding and physical exercises to clean out your energy field and active meditations to assist with your maintenance of vibration. Intense ego seperation can be tough but it is worth the quantum leap in understanding.
This course will change your life. You have been warned.


Ego separation & Active Meditation.

Ego separation & Active meditation is all about Healing, it comes in many shapes and forms. This course is designed for those who like the material in ego separation one but want to push themselves a little harder.

This section is not where we talk about it this is where we do it.

Ready to walk your talk ? This is where you grab the ego by the balls.

Not for the lazy or faint hearted.

This is a self empowerment workshop. It will not be cozy and nice, but it will take your self empowerment to a whole new level. It you want to develop personal power born out of self control and consolidation, then this is a course for you.

Course information.

This is a 48 hour intensive ego training, starting on Friday night 1900.

The schedule is given in four 12 hour sections, upon arrival you receive the first section, the schedule can change without notice.

Sleep and eating will be included.

Review of foundation part one

Application and practice of ego separation an active meditation in daily life.

Intense training exercises.


Shingon Healing.
Foundation, part Two. 

This course is designed for those who wish to focus on healing. Partitipation in Foundation part one or Ego separation part two is a pre-requisite. Now you have worked on yourself, you have a structured routine. You are noticing a difference in the way you think and react, noticing a difference in your relationships and the world around you.

You’re ready to move on?

This second part of foundation has a focus on self healing through active meditations and empowerment.

Course content

  • Breathing exercises
  • Active meditations
  • Shingon blessing
  • Self-healing
  • Review of foundation part one


Shingon Healing.

Course content:

  • Shingon blessing
  • Healing of others
  • Scared Symbology
  • Use and Application
  • Review of foundation two


Advanced Course. Teacher Training.

By invitation only


Important Information

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If your application is accepted you become a member. There are no refunds once you become a member.

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